デンマーク語 / Danish studies

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東京都 渋谷、日本橋、新宿、浅草、上野
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  • 東京都
  • 場所 渋谷、日本橋、新宿、浅草、上野
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  • Thank you for looking at my ticket!

    My name is Michael. My dad is American and my mom is Danish. I’ve been living in Denmark most of my life but have been raised with both English and Danish, and are therefore fluent in both languages.

    This ticket is for you who wants to either learn Danish or just interested in Danish culture.
    My Japanese is very limited which means conversations will take place in either Danish or English.
    If you want to learn Danish I can teach you in English.
    If you are interested in learning more about Danish culture, we can talk in English.

    I studied Media Science at university, and graduated with a master degree in 2014. I’ve since worked as a graphic designer and Freelance tutor and photographer.
    I love movies, music and videogames, and in my spare time I try to photograph as much as possible.

    I can teach/talk most places within Tokyo. If you are interested in longer sessions I will give a discount on the price. Please let me know if you are interested in this offer.

    I will do conversations, grammar and pronunciation. I don’t have any books, but if you have one or more, you are welcome to bring them to the session. I would also suggest you bring notepad and pen to the sessions if you are interested in learning Danish

    If I’ve caught your attention or you have any question, feel free to contact me!
    I can also be contacted on:
    LINE: orore_

    Hope to hear from you soon!

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Michael Kjaergaard

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I'm a graphic designer and photographer from Denmark. I've been working with graphic design for 5 years and photography for 4 years. I've also been teaching english for over 1 year. I'm fluent i...

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